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Custom Printed Christian T-Shirts


Methods of T-shirt printing you can choose from:


Screen printing - you may have heard of screen printing since it is considered to be one of the most famous printing methods. It involves the utilization of ink and stencils, and it is an economical method if you want to print a huge quantity of Christian t-shirts or any t-shirts. The reason for this is that because the primary cost for the setup is somewhat high, since the stencils necessitate to be generated. One of the drawback of this kind of Christian Tee shirt printing method is that the ink can wash off or fade as time goes on, whereas the other methods don't have this kind of flaw.


Embroidery - embroidery can certainly look great on the uniforms of the staff and if it is done right, this can provide a classy look to all custom printed garments. Again the cost of the setup is pretty high since there is a whole heap of initial work involved, on the other hand, the moment you are done with the preparation, it is economical for generating bigger runs of garments. But then again, the embroidered text or logos can start to wear out after a couple of washes and it is also a costly means of having your tshirts designed.


Vinyl or heat sublimation Christian Tee shirt Screen printing- this is a more contemporary method of printing text or designs into the t0shirt. The vinyl print is smeared into the garment by using a heat press which is a like a huge iron. It is most appropriate for smaller runs, for instance, about 100 garments or lesser. And since the cost for the setup is low, a couple of t-shirt printers don't even give a setup charge for vinyl printing. Its print will never fade, crack or come off in the wash since it is a kind of plastic. On the other hand, the drawback is that you are limited to utilizing block colors only, but then again, this can easily work around and great looking results can still be attained.


It is vital that you have a clear idea on what exactly you want to print on your garments and what amount of shirts you require before you approach any t-shirt printing company and ask for a price quote. The best tip is that you avoid the "design your own t-shirt online" website choices and rather, call or email a t-shirt printer instead. To learn more about T-shirt printing, go to